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CentER's Research Master's in Economics offers two years of graduate level coursework and research training in economics. It prepares you for PhD dissertation research. The programme is intergrated with CentER's three-year PhD to comprise the five-year Graduate programme in Economics.

The first year of the Research Master's in Economics is fully devoted to rigorous training in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics. It equips you with a sound basis in economic and econometric theory and methods.

The second year is evenly split between specialised coursework and a first major research paper, the Research Master thesis. This year allows you to explore the many research areas available at CentER, to fully develop your research interests, and to match up with one or more advisers that share your interests.

Career Prospects

The Research Master's programme in Economics is fully dedicated to preparing students for PhD thesis research at CentER. To this end, we limit the inflow to a small number of excellent students with a sincere interest in pursuing a PhD at CentER. We expect at least 75% of these students to successfully complete the Research Master in Economics and continue with PhD thesis research in a fully funded PhD position at CentER.

However, the graduates of the Research Master's in Economics that do not continue with a PhD project, may also start a professional career, typically at government organisations (National Departments, Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis, regional organizations) and in the consultancy or financial sector.

After completing the PhD, many students participate in CentER's academic job placement procedure and find jobs at universities, research institutes, and government institutions around the world, as well as at private companies.

In the PhD phase, most accepted PhD students become university employees earning a gross salary over more than €85,000 over three years and are granted pension rights.

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