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SubjectFashion, Design


Type of DegreeBachelor

CostEUR 2,060 2018/2019


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This is a specialisation within the "Fashion and Textile Technologies" undergraduate programme at AMFI.

A passion for fashion and creative talent: that is what you need for Fashion and Design. We expect a great deal of you, but you get a lot in return. You learn about form, colour, materials and technique, but also about the social, economic and cultural backgrounds to fashion. You develop a personal vision of fashion that you work up into clothing and styling concepts. After graduating you can work as an independent designer, be part of a clothing brand design team, be a fashion forecaster or a stylist.

Course contents

After the first semester, which is followed by all foundation students together, the second semester focuses on your own specialization of Fashion & Design. You design an article of clothing from a historical perspective of your own choice, and you make clothing designs whose use of different materials and their technical treatment form an important starting point. You also put together your own concept book and design book.

The second year focuses on the fashion industry, with the sustainability issue running through the entire programme. The third semester looks at jeans, with the emphasis on technique and experiment. You design a mini-collection, organize a show, make a Tool Book on technique and a Research Book describing your research. In the fourth semester the accent is on textiles, illustration and innovation. You develop a personal 'signature style' for the various markets, do research into brands, and develop a collection book.

The third and fourth years are all about the further development of your own talents and aptitudes. You choose a specialization, a minor and a work internship. Your choices will depend on the professional perspectives you have in mind: these will include becoming an independent designer, a designer for the industry, or a fashion forecaster. You are also free to determine the order in which you take the different course components. The final semester is devoted to your graduation project, in which you develop a catwalk collection or draw up a trend forecast and write a thesis about it.

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