English and Education

SubjectEducation, English


Type of DegreeBEd

CostEUR 2,060 2018/2019


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The International Degree in English and Education (IDEE) is an International academic English teacher training programme with a certified integrated honours programme.


The teacher training Bachelor’s programme focuses on three areas of development: subject knowledge, teaching placement, professional development. Students will spend the entire third year studying modules in English and Education at universities in Britain and Europe. The exchange between universities is a part of the Erasmus programme; as such students from participating countries may apply for an Erasmus grant. Students hailing from non participating countries should inform for eligibility and be aware of the possibility of extra costs. Ambitious students seeking an additional challenge may also apply for one of three honours programmes available in Linguistics, Literature or Education. Successful graduates gain a Dutch Grade 2 diploma and an Honours Certificate. Students can also gain the prestigious In-service Certificate in English Language Teaching (ICELT) from the University of Cambridge as part of the Honours Certificate.

Career Opportunities

Some IDEE graduates start working as English teachers, either in the Netherlands or abroad, straight after graduation. The IDEE Bachelor’s diploma also gives access to certain Master’s programmes in the Netherlands and abroad.

Admission Criteria

A Dutch secondary school certificate (vwo, havo or mbo level 4). If you hold an mbo level 4 diploma, you are advised to contact the programme coordinator, Michelle Willems, at m.a.willems@hva.nl.


Submit your enrolment request by no later than 1 May via Studielink. You will need a DigiD to enrol. The process of applying for and receiving a DigiD takes approximately five working days. After submitting your enrolment request, you will be required to participate in a study choice verification procedure (to make sure you have made the right choice of degree programme). You will receive an invitation from your degree programme to participate in the verification procedure, which will result in a study choice recommendation.

All non-Dutch applicants must be proficient in the language and provide a Dutch NT2II certificate to be admitted.

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