Popular Culture

SubjectCulture, Social Sciences


Type of DegreeBA

Cost€ 2,060


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Programme introduction

Minerva Academy of Popular Culture offers a unique education in the creative sector. Your learning takes place within a diverse community of artists, builders and makers. Photographers, singers, DJs, conceptual artists and all other types of creatives feed on each other's energy and know-how. It's the only place in the world where you can study the field of popular culture.

Programme structure

During your study, you have three roles: student, entrepreneur and artist. Set your goals as a student, develop your product as an artist, and find your market and network as an entrepreneur. In the span of your four years at Minerva Academy of Popular Culture, you learn by doing projects. During your first year, the projects are partly pre-defined. In your final three years, though, how you learn is up to you. Together, we set our sights on the horizon and work in that direction. We actively collaborate to offer you challenges, support your needs and bring you closer to the professional practice. These collaborations are not formed in traditional classes, but in labs and production houses, where you meet other creatives who help each other out with feedback and ideas. Every ten weeks, you complete a portfolio filled with your work and feedback from fellow students, teachers, and experts. During the assessment, you present your portfolio to receive European Credits (ECTS).

How to apply

British applicants must have at least three A-levels. If you have BTEC Level 3 qualifications in relevant subjects, please contact us for further advice.

The video below shows you every step you need to take to apply for a programme at Hanze University of Applied Sciences.

Career prospects

Our former students now work as artistic professionals in very diverse settings. Rocking on stage. Marketing a product on that billboard in your city. Crafting a tattoo in that shop you always pass. Writing for that website you love to visit. We do not just cater to the cultural elite; we cater for the people. The value of our work is decided by its success in finding an audience.

Continuing your studies after your Bachelor's programme

Do you want to shift your knowledge, career, ambition or passion into a higher gear after your Bachelor's degree? Enrol in a Hanze Master's programme! Check our website for a complete overview of our Master's programmes: www.hanzegroningen.eu/masters.


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