Behavioural Science (Research)

SubjectBehavioural and Social Sciences, Psychology


Type of DegreeMSc

CostEUR 2,060 2018/2019


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Course Description

You have got an excellent Bachelors degree in psychology or education. You are bright, you are committed and you are intrigued by the intricacies of human behaviour, both normal and dysfunctional. You may be driven by scientific curiosity and hope to do fundamental research in areas such as emotion, child development, or social influence. Or you may want to learn more about human behaviour for practical reasons, in order to develop more accurate diagnoses and better interventions - with regard to learning difficulties, for instance, or to mental health. So what should you do? One option is to deepen your knowledge and improve your research skills by joining our two-year research Master's programme in Behavioural Science (MSc BS).

The Behavioural Science Institute (BSI) offers this MSc BS as part of their BSI Graduate School (BSI-GS). The BSI is a high-quality research institute, unique for its integrative approach to human behaviour and with great facilities for experimental and field research (e.g. Virtual Reality Labs, observation labs, two mobile labs (bus), eye-tracking equipment). A distinctive feature of the BSI is its multidisciplinary approach. Psychologists and educationalists work together on themes such as addiction, dyslexia, phobias, relationships, stereotypes and stress. This integrated approach makes this research master unique and highly appreciated by our Master's students.

The overall purpose of the programme is to prepare talented and motivated students for a research career in behavioural science. The programme will train students to become researchers in psychology or education by providing a strong theoretical underpinning in the core subjects of behavioural science, a solid practical training in research skills, and a thorough training in advanced quantitative data analysis.

Career prospects

The career prospects are good. In a Dutch national survey of social science graduates over a period of 15 years, around 94% have a suitable job. Nearly all of our alumni have enrolled in a PhD project. The programme provides an excellent basis for a scientific research career in areas such as social, clinical and developmental psychology, as well as work in organizational psychology and educational science.

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