SubjectScience, Biology


Type of DegreeMSc

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Course Description

New insights emerge at the point where disciplines come together and, in order to understand how things work, it is important to study them from all angles. This is the approach we have chosen in teaching science. As a Master’s student you will find yourself at the interface of biology, chemistry and physics as you work to discover the secrets behind man, molecule and materials.

Specialisations within the Master's in Science

The Master's programme in Science is closely associated with Chemistry, Physics and Medical Biology. Depending on your background, you can choose a specialisation related to one of these disciplines:

Top research

The programme is closely linked to two internationally recognised Nijmegen institutes: the Institute for Molecules and Materials and the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour. Both have state-of the-art equipment capable of identifying the characteristics of molecules, materials and the human brain. There are the magnets in the High Field Magnet Laboratory (HFML), the NMR and MRI facilities, the free electron laser and the NanoLab. Little wonder that both institutes attract top scientists from all over the world. As a Master’s student you will find yourself in a dynamic research environment working alongside scientists who are leaders in their field.

Great freedom

The programme offers you considerable freedom to follow your own interests. At the beginning of the programme you will select one study area from the three options available: physical chemistry, biophysics or chemical biology. Within this area you can choose from several specialisations ranging from material science to neural networks and from neurobiology to organic chemistry and nanoscience.

You will complete your main internship within one of the Nijmegen research groups. Here you will have a personal supervisor, with whom you decide on your subjects and research programme. The internship in your minor subject will be with another research group. You can also choose to do part of your internships abroad.

Career prospects

Most of our graduates continue to do a PhD, either in Nijmegen or elsewhere. Our institutes have various vacancies every year. Graduates also find employment as researchers and managers in industry, in the commercial sector and in research institutes.

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