Cultural Studies - Ritual in Society

SubjectCulture, Anthropology


Type of DegreeMA

CostEUR 2,060 2018/2019


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Course description

Rituals are indispensable for human beings, in past and present. The important moments in human life are always highlighted with rituals. In addition to ritual’s traditional function of marking key moments in human life, people assign great value to rituals as instruments to achieve social cohesion, as means of coping with grief and bereavement, and as powerful tools to remember the past. Apart from such a predominantly positive use of rituals, it should be noted that ritual is also a contested phenomenon. Ritual is all about inclusion and exclusion and about power and display in the public domain. Moreover, ritual is dynamic and fluid; it is an excellent gauge of cultural diversity and societal developments. Therefore, the study of ritual is of vital importance for understanding society.

Your lecturers are nationally and internationally renowned scholars who will introduce you to the field of ritual studies on the basis of their own research. They will present to you both the state of the art of ritual studies as well as the most recent developments in their various disciplines. The MA Ritual in Society offers you a unique, multidisciplinary programme with a focus on ritual dynamics in contemporary Europe with regular forays into the global context.

Career Prospects

The programme offers a Master’s career to prepare students for jobs ranging from research to travel agency and from education to consultancy and management. The course will have an explicit international orientation so students are expected to find jobs in Europe or beyond. More specific, Ritual in Society prepares you for jobs in fields like:

  • Research (PhD; contract research)
  • Education
  • Ritual facilitator
  • Ritual consultancy
  • Consultancy (culture; memory culture; museum) 
  • Journalism
  • Editorial and publishing work
  • Policy work (minorities policy; diversity)
  • Project work
  • Human Resource Management
  • Scholarly Travel Agency

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