Tuition fees to be halved in 2018/19

The Dutch government has now confirmed that tuition fees will be halved in 2018/19 for EU students who are starting their first degree this year. This will see fees reduced from €2,060 to €1,030 for most degrees. Fees for University Colleges will be similarly reduced by 50%. It does not apply to private universities.

This reduction applies only to the first year of study at a Dutch university and only for those taking a Bachelor's degree or Associate's Degree (very few of these are offered in English). Master's students will not benefit from this decision nor will students in the second or later years of their Bachelor's degree. Those students who apply for the tuition fee loan (Collegegeldkrediet) will find that their loan is reduced to take this into consideration.

While this is a welcome offer it makes only a minimal difference to the overall cost of a degree in The Netherlands. Rather unhelpfully, it has been approved only after the deadline for most degree programmes has passed so if you were motivated by this development, there is very little you could do to take advantage of it unless you are looking to study at a University of Applied Science where the deadline for some programmes is 1st August.

You can find out more about the original plan on the Dutch government's website but this link has not yet been updated to reflect this passing into law.

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