Chris Blount-Powell

Chris Blount-Powell

Univeristy: Rotterdam Business School - Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Course: International Business and Management Studies

Year: 1st

Choosing to come to Rotterdam Business School was one of the wisest decisions I have ever made. Not only have I found the right school for me, but I also have found the right city to enjoy my studies in. The city is vibrant and there is plenty to do each and everyday.  The University itself offers a great range of studies from Trade Management in Asia to International Business with Languages. I found that studying International Business & Management was right for me and my future. Studying a huge range of aspects within International Business will provide me with a firm foot into future careers.  One major reason for choosing the Netherlands was the low tuition fees, which I feel relieves a little bit of stress once you graduate and you haven’t accumulated thousand of pounds of debt.

Since being in the Rotterdam, I have made many new friends from around the world, not only in the form of students but also lecturers and more related to me the International Team who have helped me through every step of my journey. Life in Holland is great.  I am being challenged every day and feel at home as an international student, integrating into a new culture was easy and the possibility of learning new languages is something that I have always wanted to do, even though everyone in the Netherlands speaks perfect English, I see it as courteous to learn some Dutch.

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