Sending money abroad to fund your studies?

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When transferring large sums overseas, you’re at the mercy of ever-changing exchange rates. The amount of money you think you are sending abroad for your tuition fees, or receiving for your living expenses, for example, could change in a heartbeat, as currency markets respond to economic and political events. But there are ways to protect your money and the exchange rate.

By using a specialist currency consultant to make your overseas money transfers, you could protect against currency risk and potentially save up to 4% on your exchange rate, compared to a bank or other provider.

Making your foreign exchange for large sums through a bank and not protecting your exchange rate can be a costly mistake, which is why we are delighted to announce that we’ve teamed up with currency specialists, Halo Financial.

There’s a dedicated team at Halo Financial to help people who are studying overseas achieve the best available exchange rates, effectively manage their currency risks and ensure they make the most of their money.

Halo Financial’s currency team are a friendly and patient team of experts, made up of qualified technical analysts holding industry acknowledged certifications. Your Currency Consultant will get a detailed understanding of your personal circumstances and suggest simple currency solutions that best meet your specific needs.

Halo’s experienced Currency Consultants will help you transfer your funds abroad at the best time for you and work with you to get the best possible rate, ensuring that you don’t lose money from making transfers through your bank, being hit by fees, or fluctuating exchange rates.

So, whether you need to make an immediate currency transfer, set an exchange rate for future payments, or make regular currency transfers to or from different countries – like annual tuition fees or monthly living expenses – Halo Financial can help.

This video explains how Halo Financial can help you:

Benefits of using Halo Financial:

  • Dedicated currency expert to personally manage your currency needs
  • Excellent commercial exchange rates
  • No commission or additional fees charged
  • Protection against currency fluctuations
  • Fix forward rates for up to 12 months in advance

We recommend Halo Financial because they will:

  • Save you money
  • Simplify the process of foreign currency exchange
  • Swiftly and efficiently transfer your international payments

Study in Holland recommends you contact Halo Financial as early as possible when you are planning to study overseas. Exchange rates can fluctuate dramatically in a very short space of time, so it’s never too early to think about such an important service.

A few minutes of your time today could save you thousands!

It’s free and easy to open a trading facility with Halo Financial and there’s no obligation to use their foreign exchange services.

For more information and a chat about your particular circumstances, contact the team by calling +44 (0)20 7350 5474 or email

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“On the ball… top professional service.”

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“Excellent service.....always prompt, efficient and reliable. Highly recommended them.”

“Always a great service. Fast and efficient.”

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