Leiden is a typical university city, hosting the oldest university in the Netherlands (1575). The University permeates the local surroundings; University premises are scattered throughout the city, and the students who live and study in Leiden give the city it’s relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere.

The city's biggest and most popular annual festival is 3 Oktober or "3 October," which celebrates the end of the Spanish siege of 1574. It typically takes place over the course of four days. Moreover Leiden has important functions as a shopping and trade centre for communities around the city. The University of Leiden is famous for its many developments including the famous Leyden jar, a capacitor made from a glass jar, invented in Leiden by Pieter van Musschenbroek in 1746. The city also houses the Eurotransplant, the international organization responsible for the mediation and allocation of organ donation procedures in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Slovenia. Furthermore Leiden offers also a rich social and culture life for passing your free time. Hundreds of restaurants, cafés and bar can be found here, and there is something available in every price range.

Leiden is best reached by train. The journey takes 10-15 minutes from The Hague, and 20 minutes from Schiphol Airport, the principal airport in the Netherlands. The journey from Amsterdam takes between 30 and 40 minutes. Leiden train station is a central hub for the local bus network, so if you want to go anywhere local your best bet is to go here and ask around. However everything is easily reached on foot and the city is positively charming as a walking pleasure. Alternatively you can rent a bike at the railway station's bike shops.


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