European Food Business

SubjectFood, Business


Type of DegreeBachelor

EU FeesEUR 2,168



Learn about European regional based food production.

Europe has a very rich history in food production and trade. The different locations in Europe allowed for the development of unique products and traditional production methods. What is the future for these products? Consumers today are more aware of what they eat and due to all the recent scandals in the food industry more and more consumers are looking for products of known origin. You will study European Food Business together with students from different nationalities and explore how the diversity of food production opportunities within the European Union can be used for larger groups of consumers.

This 4 year Bachelor degree will focus on entrepreneurship and innovation in the European Food Business. The first two years you will receive a foundation in business management, marketing and food product development. In these years you will also gain a better insight into the developments in the food business worldwide as well as the latest developments within the European Union. One of the elements of the programme is a study trip to one or two European countries in the first semester to further explore the concept of  European food production. In the third year you will study at different European universities and further focus on the relation between the location where the product is grown and the specific characteristics of the product. You will also get a better understanding of the relation between culture and food, and how to brand products coming from a specific region. In the fourth year you will create your own business, based on a product of choice. In addition you will write a thesis and after graduating you will be an expert in European Food Business.


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