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General Information

The Master’s degree programme in Biomedical Sciences is strongly oriented towards the scientific background to health and disease. A great deal of attention is paid to preclinical research – what are the causes of all kinds of diseases, what are the underlying mechanisms, what is the role of the brain, etc. The field is wide and the choice is up to you – you can specialise in molecular biology or conduct research at the level of population groups (epidemiology). You are participating actively in all aspects of the research, from designing an experiment to conducting it, and to writing an international scientific publication.

Career Prospects

Most biomedical scientists work as researchers at a university or research institute. Biomedical scientists are also very well represented in the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry and social organizations such as the Heart Foundation, the Diabetes Fund and in advisory positions in government. There are also many opportunities in the field of education, particularly at university level.


Admission to the Master’s degree programme in Biomedical Sciences requires a Bachelor’s degree (equivalent to the Dutch academic Bachelor) in Biomedical Sciences, Life Sciences, or Behavioural and Neurosciences.

The Board of Examiners will check that you have the right qualifications. Consult the programme coordinator to find out whether you qualify for admission. It is possible that you may be admitted on condition that you supplement certain aspects.

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Master Biomedical Sciences


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