Industrial Engineering and Management

SubjectEngineering, Science


Type of DegreeMSc

EU FeesEUR 2,314

Cost non-EUEUR 18,500

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General information

The IEM Master’s degree programme is a new Engineering programme within the University of Groningen. Started in September 2002, its emphasis is on learning how to deal with practical problems in business and how to obtain solutions driven by a technical and scientific design perspective. The general aim of the IEM Master’s programme is to train engineers to acquire a thorough overview of all primary and secondary business processes, especially with respect to design aspects of a technological product or process. More than its nearest competitors, the IEM Master’s degree programme of the University of Groningen focuses on technology: in general the curriculum consists of 65% technical courses and 35% management courses.

There are three specializations within our programme:

› Discrete Technology and Production Automation (DT)

› Information Technology (IT)

› Product and Process Technology (PT)

One of these specializations has to be chosen right from the start of the programme.

Career perspectives

Career opportunities are abundant for IEM engineers. Career-market analyses consistently show that there is a strong need for professionals with a combined technical and managerial background. IEM engineers with a DT specialization can start a career as a product manager, involved in the development of new innovative products within the tight boundaries of technical, market and product-related constraints.

IT-specialized IEM engineers are able to design independent complex information systems used, for example, by financial institutions, or governments, but also information systems used to enable control of industrial processes, or used for quality management. They are able to design an information system adjusted to the needs and the strategies of the company in which it has to function. Determining how a company can effectively use information technology is typically a question that an IT-specialized IEM engineer can address.

PT-specialized IEM engineers can become members of product and process design teams, begin a career as a production manager in a process industry, or occupy leading positions in business activities within the product-to-customer value chain.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management with equivalent learning outcomes as the IEM Bachelor’s degree programme of the University of Groningen. This will give you direct access to the Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management. Admission is profile specific.
  • The Admissions Board will decide wether you can be admitted to the Master’s programme

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Master industrial engineering and management



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