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In September 2018, the University of Groningen will launch a new 3-year, English-taught Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy.

Pharmacy is interesting; very concrete, and it's all about the human body. Sometimes it is hard work, an the deadlines are tight. But I have learned so much! I will definitely continue with the Master's degree in Pharmacy. I might become a pharmacist, but it may be that research suits me better.

Maike Tromp

The three main pillars of the degree programme are biology, chemistry and medicine. You will learn what medicines are, how they work, and how they are developed and administered. Additionally, you will develop a solid understanding of human (patho)physiology, as well as the role of the pharmacist in disease prevention and treatment.

While you will be required to take compulsory courses in the first year, there is an option to choose between research-oriented and healthcare-oriented curricular in the second and third years. If you are interested in healthcare, you can pick courses that explore the contributions of pharmacists to patient care. On the other hand, the research-oriented track allows you to delve into the molecular world of pharmacy. Either way, at the end of the programme you will acquire the academic basis needed to become a versatile healthcare professional.

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