Agricultural Production Chain Management - Horticulture Chains

SubjectAgriculture, Business


Type of DegreeMSc

EU FeesEUR 14,250


Cost non-EUEUR 14,250

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Keeping up with international development

This applied Master programme is designed for mid-career horticulture, livestock or forest professionals working in the private or public sector. It is suitable for candidates tasked to increase efficiency, control product quality or facilitating the linkage between chain stakeholders as a chain supporter. This programme is experience-based and practise-oriented and approaches value chain development from the different perspectives of sustainability, business economics, logistics, quality management, certification, marketing, information flows and international trends.

The programme focuses on facilitating developments and innovations in the agricultural production chain while keeping up with fluctuations in demands and policies. Graduates are competent to conduct applied research towards resilient value chain governance and design new business models for chain actors. Graduates are also trained to reflect on their professionalism in an international business environment. This Master provides all competencies required to build sustainable relations with chain stakeholders and to communicate global value chain developments in a multicultural setting.

Study programme

This one-year Master programme consists of a nine-month taught programme and a three-month thesis research project. It involves a series of modules that develop competences, including disciplinary knowledge and expertise and professional skills and attitude. The programme comprises three phases:

  • analysis of value chains
  • development of value chains
  • integrated management of value chains

In addition, each specialisation offers courses focusing on the various aspects of value chain development, quality management and business environment of either horticulture or livestock chains. The final module is dedicated to a thesis research project, in which students select a commissioner and a particular aspect of a production chain to research.

Horticulture chain

The Specialisation Horticultural Chains ensure that all vegetables, fruits and flowers reach domestic and international markets. In a complex system of stakeholders and channels, each variable in the sector affects the others. In order to adapt to the constantly changing consumer demands, market regulations, technological advancements and an increasing number of national and international laws and regulations like quality requirements, stakeholders working in the dynamic horticulture sector are in constant development and need of optimisation. A Horticulture Chains Management specialist stimulates the development of knowledge and skills that increase stakeholders’ adaptability to the changing business contexts. Designed to increase professionals’ ability to anticipate and exploit these developments, this programme examines each stakeholder in the chain (including suppliers, farmers, processors, traders, retailers and consumers) throughout the farm to fork process. Following up, Horticultural Chain Management specialists enhance their abilities to empower stakeholders to facilitate, govern and innovate horticultural chains.

Entry requirements

You need to have a Bachelor's degree or equivalent in life sciences or related fields. We also require two years of relevant work experience in middle or higher management positions. In case a prospective student has less than two years of experience, his request for enrolment will be discussed by the Student Service Centre. Applicants from non-English speaking countries need to prove their English proficiency by providing a TOEFL, ELTS or Cambridge certificate.


This Master Programme is eligible for the OKP scholarship which is targeted at professionals from selected non-EU countries who, after their studies in Holland, will be able to further develop and strengthen the organisations at which they work.

Meet Van Hall Larenstein

Coming to an Open Day is an excellent opportunity to learn more about Van Hall Larenstein and the Agricultural Production Chain programme.

Upcoming open days:

  • 16th February 2019

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