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Can you study biology in English in The Netherlands?

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Yes, you can!

The University of Groningen will start a BSc in Biology from 2018.  With additional new Bachelor’s degrees in Pharmacy and Life Sciences and Technology, there are now over 30 Bachelor’s degrees taught in English at this one university. Perhaps then it is no surprise that it has the largest number of British undergraduates of all the universities we work with.

For students looking for a high-quality research-intensive university in the world’s Top 100, we would suggest that 75% of the time, the best place to start their search is the University of Groningen.

There are now over 30 Bachelor’s degrees taught in English at the University of Groningen.

In the last ten years, the number of British students taking Bachelor’s or Master’s at Dutch universities has grown from 45 to over 3,000. There are many reasons why this has been the case but chief among them has to be that the Dutch higher education system has embraced internationalization to a far greater extent than any other mainland European nation. While this is a wider concept than simply teaching in English, it is their willingness to do so that means studying in Holland has become “the new normal” for some British students.

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