Life Science and Technology

SubjectScience, Technology


Type of DegreeBSc

CostEUR 2,060 2018/2019


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In September 2018, the University of Groninge will launch a new 3-year, English-taught Bachelor's degree in Life Science and Technology.

Innovation is at the core of the degree programme. Combining elements from a variety of disciplines, including biology, pharmacy, physics, chemistry and engineering, the course allows you to explore how to use scientific knowledge to create medical applications that improve the quality of our lives. For example, you will develop prostheses that can assume bodily functions, or a blood clotting test to make open-heart surgery safer. Or, you will  investigate whether working in shifts is really as unhealthy as we think, which matter in the brain is affected and how biomolecules interact.

For my Bachelor's project, I approached the Molecular Genetics research group, because I knew they were doing research into interesting bacteria and proteins. I studied two protetins, MicrocinJ25 and Nisin. These proteins are known for their antibiotic effect and are produced by E. Coli and L. lactis. We tried to make a combination protein, hoping that this would lead to an even better antibiotic effect. That's what I like about this degree programme: cutting and pasting DNA to make a cell do what you want it to!

Meintje de Vries

Life Science and Technology is a hugely varied field of study, so you can specialize in the area that appeals to you the most. You can choose between Behaviour and Neurosciences (how the brain and neural functions such as learning, memory and emotions work), Molecular Life Sciences (life processes at the molecular level), Biomedical Sciences (the causes of diseases) and Biomedical Technology (the design of biomaterials, prostheses and instrumentation).


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