Artificial Intelligence (BSc)


Type of DegreeBSc

EU FeesEUR 2,314

Cost non-EUEUR 14,800

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Is this programme for you?

This degree is for people interested in human thinking, linguistics, psychology and philosophy, as well as in computer science and logic. If you want to build bridges between technology, the human brain and society, then this degree programme is perfect for you.

How can you develop an autonomous car? How does a computer recognise speech or emotions? How can software and devices simulate the way humans think? These are the kinds of questions you will be exploring in this programme. Through our international Bachelor's degree in Artificial Intelligence, you will learn to conduct research into (human) intelligence, and you will acquire the skills necessary to develop smart and user-friendly products.

Why study Artificial Intelligence with the University of Groningen?

Our degree has a unique position when it comes to research on autonomous systems, cognitive science, machine learning and agent-based modelling.

The programme has a strong practical orientation and you will draw on knowledge from various disciplines, such as cognitive psychology, linguistics, computing science, logic and philosophy.

You will learn to understand computer intelligence and machine learning, human intelligence, the brain and linguistics through the use of computer models and learn how to use technology for building systems capable of intelligent decisions and actions.

How to apply

The minimum entry requirements of this programme are three A-levels to include Maths.

This programme has a numerus fixus of 150 students per year. The application deadline is 15 January.

Career opportunities

Research, business professional (such as data analyst, IT consultant, software architect) or work in a start-up.

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