University of Twente

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High-tech, human touch

The University of Twente combines high-tech research with a human touch: Our 3300 scientist and other professionals work together towards solving real-life problems with cutting edge research. This research is used directly in our Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and PhD programmes in Engineering, Behavioural and Social Sciences.

Our commitment to integrate social and engineering sciences is reflected in high level teaching and research. Our innovations are brought on the market by over 750 spin-off companies. Currently 5,500 Bachelor students and 2,500 Master students are enrolled in UT programmes.

Multidisciplinary education

The University of Twente provides multidisciplinary education and encourage students to take an international perspective. Studying at the University of Twente means being active in education and research groups and learning from one another. Teachers must inspire and arouse genuine interest and affection for their subject.

Campus life

The University of Twente is the only true campus university of the Netherlands and provides an academic and social setting in which you can quickly become an active member of a thriving community. The UT offers a variety of on-campus services: a medical centre, counselling facilities, a hotel, religious support, and much more. You can buy meals or simply gather at the campus restaurants, cafés or bars. The campus hosts over 50 student-run sports and cultural associations as well.

Top-level research

With 12 research universities in the top 200 of most important universities in the world, the Netherlands is the country with the highest density of top-level research and teaching facilities (Times Higher Education, 2011). This combined with a population of which 98% has excellent command of the English language, the Netherlands welcomes you for your higher education!

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