Logistics Management (4 years)

SubjectLogistics, Economics


Type of DegreeBSc

EU FeesEUR 2,314


Cost non-EUEUR 8,906

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Logistics is about organising and planning flows of goods, information and people in a time-effective manner and at lowest possible costs, taking into account sustainability issues. The Logistics Management programme focuses on economic and financial aspects of logistics.

The programme is aimed at helping you to develop the competencies you will need in your future profession, which means that the education focuses both on technical training and personal development.

The Logistics Management programme is delivered to a small group of students. As a result, students and lecturers know each other by name and tend to interact in an informal manner. You study in small groups and with fellow students from many nationalities.

Study programme

This programme takes 4 years to complete.

First year

In the first, you will gain foundational knowledge of the key areas in the logistics industry, from supply and purchasing management to law and transport management. In addition to lectures and seminars, you will complete projects, training sessions and group assignments. The excursion week is the highlight of the first year. You will experience first-hand how logistics is applied at different types of companies. Special attention will be paid to logistics in an international context.

Second year

In the second year, you will enjoy more freedom in your studies. You will expand your knowledge of logistics by becoming acquainted with intermodal transport, manufacturing systems and automation techniques. Additionally, at the end of the year, you will gain in-depth knowledge in the following areas:

  • Supply management
  • Production logistics
  • Transport
  • Warehousing
  • Care logistics
  • Event logistics

Third year

In the third year, working in professional practice and studying at Breda University of Applied Sciences are alternated.

You will go on a work placement twice for a period of three months each at a company of your choice. This could be a production company, trading enterprise, hospital or transport company.

For the work placement you can opt for a field connected to the theme you selected in the second year, or you can explore a completely different area. Examples of work placement assignments are:

  • Improving the customer service at a transport company.
  • Carrying out an analysis of a fleet of vehicles.
  • Carrying out an analysis of the flows of goods or visitors.
  • Setting up a purchasing plan.
  • Designing the setup of a warehouse.

You are encouraged to complete your second work placement abroad.

In the term between the two work placements, you will be based at the university, building in-depth knowledge of supply chains, e-commerce and entrepreneurship.

Fourth year

At the start of the fourth year, you will take a minor. You can choose to specialise further in a subject area, or go beyond the limits of your current field by exploring a completely different subject.

In the second half of the fourth year, you will carry out a graduation assignment for a company or organisation with complex logistical flows, for example. Once again you can opt for sectors where you undertook your work placement in the third year or otherwise a totally different area of logistics.

Careers prospects

Graduates are equipped to fill a range of positions, such as purchase manager, project manager at (inter)national:

  • advisory agencies
  • multinationals
  • commercial enterprises
  • production companies

Please be aware of the fact that many graduates start at the bottom of the career ladder - in assistant positions - and work their way up to management positions.

How to apply

You will need three A Levels to apply to Breda University of Applied Sciences.

Candidates with BTECs in relevant subjects will also be considered.

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