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Breda University of Applied Sciences is a renowned institute that was one of the first to offer English-taught programmes in The Netherlands.

Breda University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1966 as an institute offering management programmes in tourism and leisure and in this field, it is still the largest and leading education institution in the world. Nowadays we are offering English taught academic Bachelor and Master programmes in the fields of Games & Media, Hospitality, Leisure, Tourism, Facility and Logistics.

Most of the university‘s study programmes are taught in English. The institute recruits foreign professionals and almost 12% of the total student population is from abroad. International business and international cooperation are key elements in the curriculum of Breda University of Applied Sciences, both from a social and cultural perspective and from an economic point of view. The cultural mix is a fertile breeding ground for open-minded, curious and worldly-wise students.

Breda University of Applied Sciences prepares you for the management-level positions in an international setting.

International accreditations from for instance, the UN World Tourism Organization underline the quality of education. In the quality of rankings of Studiekeuze 123, an independent review of accredited study programmes in higher education, all study programmes at Breda University of Applied Sciences have scored first place within their categories.

Currently, Breda University of Applied Sciences has approx. 7000 students from over 50 countries, who join each other in mixed classes. This means you will not only learn about the Dutch culture, but also about the cultures of your classmates!

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