Hotel Management (4 years)



Type of DegreeBBA

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About the course


Directing a hotel, a holiday resort or a conference venue… dealing with different nationalities and diverse expectations… catering to the needs of your guests: are these challenges that appeal to you? Although the hospitality industry is all about the expectations of guests like business travellers, tourists or conference delegates, this industry is also about premises, décor, quality of facilities and the professionalism of personnel.

It is up to you, as a hospitality manager, to take all aspects into consideration. With your professionalism, creativity and innovative ideas, you surprise your guest each and every time and, as a result, you exceed your guests’ expectations and create memorable experiences. Can you make that difference?

Study programme

First year

The first-year curriculum is designed to help you acquire the foundational knowledge of all aspects of the hospitality industry. It is comprised of two modules:

  • Knowing the fundamentals of Hospitality Operations. This module is an introduction to Operations Management and Management Information Systems in hospitality management organizations, in combination with practical training in the in-house training company Sibelicious
  • Understanding the Hospitality Management Industry. You will learn how to deal with the basics of Finance, Economics, Marketing, Business Law & Ethics and Investigative Abilities in relation to the hospitality management industry.

The competencies learned in these modules are brought together at the end of the year in a final project. In a small group of students you will make a prototype of ‘the lobby of the future’.

Second year

The second year deepens your knowledge of the key areas within the hospitality industry. They are organised into three modules:

  • Developing People and Organisations
    Take a close look at behavioral aspects of working with people in organisations. (Courses: Oganisational behaviour, Business Law & Ethics, Investigative Abilities and Economics)
  • Managing Business Performance and Innovation
    Learn how to deal with customer relations, service marketing and pricing strategies. (Courses: Accounting, Operations Management, Management Information Systems and Marketing)
  • Exploring the International Hospitality Industry
    In this 5 month practical placement you will experience living and working in a real life, cross cultural hospitality environment abroad. 

Practical placement

The second year also involves a work placement. You are encouraged to complete it at a company outside of The Netherlands.

Third year

At the core of the third year curriculum is the "Creating Excellece in Hospitality Management" module. Its main focus is strategic management. It examines the corporate strategic possibilities of organisations and encourages you to integrate, at a strategic level, what you have learned in previous courses.

Fourth year

In the final year, you will write a bachelor’s thesis on a topic of your choice. It is also possible to complete a personalised curriculum component (e.g. a minor, work placement, advisory report, business plan). Under the supervision of a personal coach, you will work on your final thesis, which you will defend at the end of the year.

Important note about admission

The Academy of Hotel Management has a restricted intake. This means that approximately 150 students can be admitted annually. The school is permitted to select these 150 students itself.

The selection procedure consists of a letter, curriculum vitae and an interview.

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