Type of DegreeMSc

EU FeesEUR 2,314

Cost non-EUEUR 15,900

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The Master of Science in Psychology programme is a one-year degree programme that prepares the student for a Ph.D. programme or a career in psychology.

The student acquires the knowledge and skills necessary for research and a profession, and learns to apply these in a research or profession-oriented project culminating in a concise report, the Master's thesis.

The student can choose one of four sub-programmes that are offered: Industrial and Organisational Psychology, Cognitive Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology, Social Psychology and its Applications, and a Free Choice Programme.

Each of the four MSc Psychology sub-programmes provides scientific education in which research in and the application of science is central. Therefore, an important component of this programme is an independent, academic research project reported in a Master’s thesis.

In all four sub-programmes half the study load is dedicated to courses and the other half to carrying out the Master’s project and writing the Master’s thesis.

Courses are offered throughout the year so that students can opt to carry out the Master’s project and write the thesis concurrently with other coursework. It is also possible to complete all courses in one semester and the Master’s thesis in the other semester.

Please note that the English Master of Psychology programme normally does not provide students with the opportunity of vocational training in Clinical and Developmental Psychology, as this would require proficiency in the Dutch language.

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