Accounting and Auditing

SubjectAccountancy, Finance


Type of DegreeMSc

EU FeesEUR 2,314

Cost non-EUEUR 15,600

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The MSc in Accounting, Auditing and Control is intended for students who aim for academic employment in the auditing and/or controlling branch in organisations primarily operating internationally. The MSc will constantly evolve with the demands and wishes of society, the business community and professional organisations. Therefore, the programme will meet the needs of the national and international job market.

The purpose of this MSc in Accounting, Auditing and Control is to deliver financial economic experts of the highest quality. This is achieved by building a programme of both nationally as well as internationally recognised high academic standards. The MSc in Accounting, Auditing and Control covers all aspects of collecting, categorising, summarising, analysing and using financial data in organisations. It deepens the student’s academic knowledge of accounting, auditing and control, using the latest rules and regulations.

Besides this, students are confronted with techniques and theoretical frameworks that enable them to think independently and critically about how accounting, auditing and control are practised.

3 specialisations within the MSc Accounting, Auditing and Control 

The MSc Accounting, Auditing and Control has three specialisations; (1) Accounting and Auditing(2) Accounting and Control and (3) Accounting and Finance.

The specialisation in Accounting and Auditing is aimed at students who, after completing the MSc want to follow the post-graduate education to become a chartered accountant (in Dutch: Registeraccountant).

The specialisation Accounting and Control is particularly suitable for students who aspire to a position as business controller (in Dutch: Registercontroller).

The specialisation Accounting and Finance is structured in such a way that it caters to student’s interests both Accounting and Finance.

On the labor market there is a high demand for graduates from all 3 specialisations. Obviously it is also possible for graduates to participate in research in one of the three disciplines, resulting in a PhD-thesis.

Career Prospects

The MSc in Accounting Auditing & Control is based on the ever-increasing demand for university-trained auditors and controllers. There is a major shortage of Certified Public Accountants, Controllers, Management Consultants, and Financial Advisors. Almost every auditing firm, large industrial company or management consulting firm is looking for talented recent graduates.

However, they are not the only ones looking for talented and well-educated people. Financial institutions like listed insurance groups, financial conglomerates offering banking, insurance and asset management, investment banks, ICT companies and all kinds of new high-tech companies are looking for highly educated personnel as well and, last but not least: traditional/conventional manufacturing and trading companies urgently need financially educated personnel at a very high level.

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