Accounting and Finance

SubjectAccountancy, Finance


Type of DegreeMSc

EU FeesEUR 2,314

Cost non-EUEUR 15,600

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The Master’s specialisation in Accounting and Finance is intended for students, who want to pursue a career in Accounting and Finance. The aim of the Master’s specialisation in Accounting and Finance is to provide a challenging, high-level academic education in the field of financial business economics.

This Master’s specialisation offers a comprehensive and thorough education in business economics and aims to examine problems from a practical, but also an analytical point of view. The unique combination of accounting and finance provides students with an ‘all-round’ perspective on financial issues.

The Master’s specialisation focuses on a broad area of activities such as financial planning and budgeting, internal reporting, cost and revenue control, investment analysis and selection, maintenance planning, financing, establishing and maintaining contacts with banks and other sources of capital asset management, legal affairs, fiscal planning, external reporting and ICT/Information Management.

The specialisation is structured in such a way that it caters to student’s interests both Accounting and Finance. For their seminars, students are required to choose one seminar in the field of finance and one seminar in the field of accounting. Especially in the field of finance, there are a lot of different seminars that students can choose from. This offers students the possibility to tailor the Master’s specialisation to their own personal interests.

3 specialisations within the MSc Accounting, Auditing and Control 

The MSc Accounting, Auditing and Control has three specialisations; (1) Accounting and Auditing(2) Accounting and Control and (3) Accounting and Finance.

The specialisation in Accounting and Auditing is aimed at students who, after completing the MSc want to follow the post-graduate education to become a chartered accountant (in Dutch: Registeraccountant).

The specialisation Accounting and Control is particularly suitable for students who aspire to a position as business controller (in Dutch: Registercontroller).

The specialisation Accounting and Finance is structured in such a way that it caters to student’s interests both Accounting and Finance.

On the labor market there is a high demand for graduates from all 3 specialisations. Obviously it is also possible for graduates to participate in research in one of the three disciplines, resulting in a PhD-thesis.

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