SubjectMarketing, Economics


Type of DegreeMSc

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The specialisation Marketing at Erasmus School of Economics is intended for students who are eager to learn how to design and execute marketing strategies on an international scale. Marketing involves the selection of target markets (how to define the market and in which market to be active), appropriate segmentation (which segment to serve) and positioning, and development of a marketing programme to deliver a competitive offering to target segments, typically based on the 4Ps - product and branding, pricing, promotion (communication), and place (distribution). Importantly, marketing also involves the use and development of metrics and tools to measure and control the effectiveness of the chosen strategy.

After completion of the programme, many students end up working as marketers / product managers at multinational companies, or as consultants for major consulting companies. Some students also opt to start their own business.

Our marketing programme distinguishes itself from other marketing programmes in several important ways. First, we teach evidence-based marketing. This is increasingly important in today’s world. The advance of technology and the complexity of the environment have made companies realize that an analytic mindset and the use of new data are crucial for company survival, and for improved profitability. Research has also shown that accountability is a key factor that determines marketers’ influence in firms. Nowadays, marketers have to worry about social media and mobile behavior when crafting marketing strategies, and have to be able to demonstrate return on investment. By studying marketing at Erasmus School of Economics, students will be well-trained to be at the forefront of the revolutions taking place within the field of marketing. 

Second, many of the professors have excellent connections with the business community, and act as consultants on a regular basis. This has been the case throughout the marketing programmes’  history. For example, professors like Jan Bunt were already on Unilever’s supervisory board. While it may seem logical that a marketing group is actively engaged in the business community, surprisingly few marketing groups nowadays can claim this important trait. 

Third, the group has trained many current and former top executives, more than any other marketing group in the Netherlands. For a sample of what some former students have to say about the school and programme, see the testimonials. By studying marketing at Erasmus School of Economics, you are likely to follow into their footsteps. A number of the top alumni serve on the policy board which monitors the link between Erasmus School of Economics' marketing curriculum and the skills required by business.

Fourth, Erasmus School of Economics is arguably one of the top, if not the top marketing science group in Europe by all measures. For instance, three of the full professors have been awarded the prestigious J.C. Ruigrok award in economics (awarded once every four years to an economist). Many large-scale grants have been obtained by the faculty members, such as VENI and VIDI grants awarded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research. The collective output of the group in the top marketing journals like Marketing ScienceJournal of Marketing Research, and Journal of Marketing is impressive, and ensures that the group is consistently ranked among the top schools on the UT Dallas list which ranks universities on top publications in management journals.

In sum, the marketing programme of Erasmus School of Economics is top-notch, distinct from other marketing programmes, and ideally suited to prepare students for the marketing challenges during the next decades.

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