SubjectPsychology, Social Sciences


Type of DegreeBSc

EU FeesEUR 2,314

Cost non-EUEUR 6,900

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BSDo you wish to comprehend human behaviour? Would you like to help people or organisations solve their problems professionally? If so, choose the best bachelor in Psychology in the Netherlands.

The bachelor in Psychology works with the small-scale teaching / learning method of Problem-Based Learning (PBL). In groups of around ten students, you discuss real-life cases which psychologists are confronted with in their work on a daily basis, providing you with an insight into the psychologist’s practice. This concerns subjects such as memory, anxiety, burnout, learning, group behaviour, etc.

The BSc Psychology puts an emphasis on the practical application of theoretical knowledge. This means that you will not only acquire knowledge about the main psychological theories, but also develop basic skills required for a psychologist during practical sessions. These include psychological discussion, diagnostic and intervention skills. Plenty of attention is devoted to training scientific research and writing skills as well.

Why study a Bachelor in Psychology in Rotterdam?

Psychology in Rotterdam offers:

  • a top educational programme which has been voted the best in the Netherlands for ten years in a row;
  • varied studies into human behaviour;
  • small groups;
  • attention to both theory and practice;
  • a stimulating and intensive learning environment in which students learn to think critically;
  • the choice of three English-language master programmes;
  • internationally leading scientists and research

Curriculum Bachelor in Psychology

he bachelor programme in Psychology takes three years. A study year consists of eight blocks of five weeks each and runs from September until July. Every block focuses on a specific subject or area and involves both theory and practice. You follow a study year together with your class. This strengthens your bond with your fellow students and encourages you to succeed.

By choosing Rotterdam, you also choose Problem-Based Learning (PBL). In small groups, you analyse concrete problems and you look for information in books, journals and digital media. You will find plenty of information in our electronic learning environment ‘PsyWeb’, which includes enlightening videos, presentations and animations about psychology. You learn skills which will be useful in your career, such as diagnostics, treatment methods and discussion skills.

After a selection procedure, gifted students can take part in the Erasmus Honours Programme.

Education objectives Bachelor in Psychology

After graduating in Psychology:

  • you have both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in psychology;
  • you can deal with psychologically related issues,
  • you can perform responsible scientific research and analysis;
  • you can prepare a diagnosis and a treatment strategy;
  • you are able to work in education, research or industry

Admission criteria Bachelor in Psychology

Anyone with a pre-university diploma (Dutch vwo or foreign equivalent) is welcome to study Psychology. However, it is important that you are good at English and desirable that you studied maths at secondary or high school.



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