SubjectArts, Science


Type of DegreeBA

EU FeesEUR 2,314

Cost non-EUEUR 7,500

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Are you one of those ambitious people who can not seem to find the study that matches their broad talents and vision? Do you want to freely choose the medium your project needs? Are you inspired by both art and science? Do you find it bizarre to have to specialize from the start in either media art, music, theatre, film or visual art? Do you want to work in a medium that you'll have to invent first? Are you creative and curious?

ArtScience offers a four-year bachelor's and a two-year master's programme in an interdisciplinary learning environment where you are stimulated to create your own media of expression. Starting on day one, students participate in a wide variety of artistic research activities in order to learn how to make innovative art works. The study aims to stimulate you to think about the developments around us, inside and outside the world of art. Do you see new places where art should be? How do you experience the world around you and what are your visions on enhancing the quality of life? What would future forms of art look like?

We ask and encourage you to investigate ideas by making things and questioning your results. How do you and other people interact with these works and reflect on them? How does making a model help in developing your original idea? How does making a work of art help clarify a research question? These processes will be shared and discussed with your fellow students and teachers and the final products will be presented in public exhibitions and events. 

You want to think with your hands and build with your brain? Come and study at the ArtScience Interfaculty!


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