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Schooling for business

Business is what it is all about at Rotterdam Business School. Education, business placements, education exchange programmes, they are all aimed at preparing our students for a career in international business.

Learning from real life 

Real-life business cases are at the heart of many courses. They challenge our students to learn to act quickly and decisively. To base their decisions on growing experience and healthy reflection.

International outlook

Just like in the world of business, our focus is fully international. We work closely together with partners in the business and education communities in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. Together with our partners we are able to offer our students the global outlook they need.

Over 40 different nationalities are represented among our students. The ideal environment to prepare for an international career.

Education in English

Within the framework of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Rotterdam Business School leads the way in presenting a wide range of business and management programmes in English, the lingua franca of international business.

For More Information

Check out the testimonial of a British student, Chris Blount-Powell, currently studying at Rotterdam Business School.

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