University College Groningen

University typeLiberal Arts College

Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts and Sciences education at University College Groningen

Students at University College Groningen 2016

University College Groningen is the youngest faculty of the University of Groningen, a top 100 world-ranked university located in the northeast of the Netherlands. 

University College Groningen offers an interdisciplinary bachelor degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences that is taught entirely in English and gives students the freedom to design their own curriculum with a choice of five major specialisations.

University College Groningen is a residential faculty located in the centre of Groningen, a university city with over 50,000 students (roughly a quarter of the population!). Students live together for the first year of study (with the option to continue living in UCG housing or find other accommodation in the second year). This facilitates the formation of a close-knit academic and social community, but students are involved in a wide range of activities outside of University College Groningen too including student associations, sports clubs, arts events, charities and part-time jobs to name a few.

Other courses at University College Groningen

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