Liberal Arts and Sciences

SubjectLiberal Arts, Science


Type of DegreeBA / BSc

CostEUR 4,000


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Why study Liberal Arts and Sciences at University College Groningen?

The BA/BSc Liberal Arts and Sciences at University College Groningen educates ambitious, multi-talented students to develop innovative solutions for the challenges of society.

The programme is taught entirely in English and enables students to design their own curriculum, with a choice of five major directions:

  • Physics of Energy
  • Health and Life Sciences
  • Cognition and Behaviour
  • Philosophy, Politics and Economics
  • Humanities

Students are taught in small classes and in a series of interdisciplinary group projects, learn to apply their knowledge and skills to find creative solutions for complex global challenges.

Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts and Sciences curriculum at University College Groningen

Physics of Energy and Life Sciences might not be the first fields that spring to mind when thinking of the liberal arts, but at University College Groningen has explored interdisciplinary connections to find a place for sciences on their campus. In fact, sciences education is seen as one way to connect University College Groningen to other disciplines at the University of Groningen and increase employability.

In year 1 students explore a number of different disciplines and can choose to study courses in either two or three of the major fields: Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities - this includes a broad range of subjects such as psychology, health sciences, physics, philosophy, politics and economics. Alongside academic subjects students learn about global challenges from multiple perspectives, whilst following courses in research methods, logic, maths, and philosophy of science, and integrate the knowledge and skills they develop in a series of group projects.

Years 2 and 3 enable students to deepen their knowledge in the field(s) that interest them most, and they can choose one of five major directions:

  • Sciences - Physics of Energy or Health and Life Sciences
  • Social Sciences - Cognition and Behaviour or Philosophy Politics and Economics
  • Humanities - Reflecting on Culture: History and Criticism

Academic skills courses and interdisciplinary projects continue throughout, and in Year 3 students have the option to study courses abroad for the first six months, before completing a Capstone Project (thesis).

Prospective careers opportunities for Liberal Arts and Sciences graduates

The programme prepares graduates for further study and careers in a wide variety of fields, including business, law, Government, NGO’s, scientific research, the arts, and more.


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