Liberal Arts and Sciences

SubjectLiberal Arts, Science


Type of DegreeBA/BSc

EU FeesEUR 2,314

Cost non-EUEUR 12,000

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Tilburg University offers a three-year Bachelor programme in Liberal Arts and Sciences, which combines a broad and interdisciplinary education with in-depth specialisation. The distinctive focus of Tilburg University’s Liberal Arts and Sciences programme is on Europe in a globalising world. Both historical and current societal key issues are tackled in the course of this international programme, taught entirely in English.

In the first year of their studies, students are offered a wide range of courses, ranging from law and literature to business and psychology. At the end of the first year students choose a Major. The four Majors are: Business and Management, Law in Europe, Social Sciences and Humanities: European History and Culture. Next to their Major, students choose a set of subsidiary subjects, providing them with a broad interdisciplinary perspective. Students round off their Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Sciences (BSc) degree by writing an academic essay (Bachelor’s Thesis). With this internationally acknowledged Bachelor of Arts degree, graduates are eligible for a Master’s degree.

Studying Liberal Arts and Sciences at Tilburg University, students will not be attending a residential University College. Instead, Tilburg University has deliberately chosen to fully integrate its LAS students into Tilburg University Campus. Students at Tilburg University are in the privileged position of being able to benefit from both, a tight community of Liberal Arts students, and mingling with all of Tilburg University’s 13,000 students – 1,300 of whom are international students representing 85 different countries.

Students are trained to approach complex issues from different perspectives and from a variety of academic disciplines. To achieve this intellectual flexibility, lectures are team-taught by lecturers from different academic backgrounds and research traditions. This method of instruction, called Team Teaching is unique to the Liberal Arts programme at Tilburg University.

After your Bachelor’s

Tilburg University Bachelor graduates either pursue a Master's degree - or go straight on to launch their careers. 82% continues with a (Research) Master, either at Tilburg University, elsewhere in the Netherlands or abroad and 18% do an internship, another bachelor programme or will enter the labour market.

Career Perspectives

With a Liberal Arts and Sciences degree you have finished a well-rounded education and developed multiple academic skills that employers commonly cite as highly desirable in prospective employees. You have the ability to adapt to a variety of tasks and changing work environments. Our students are equipped to pursue international careers as specialists or in positions that require the application of cross-disciplinary insights. You might become a policy officer for the United Nations; a consultant or policy advisor for the European Parliament or UNESCO; a strategic advisor in a multinational company; a lawyer, diplomat, manager, journalist, or researcher. The choice is yours.

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