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Part of the University of Twente, University College Twente offers the only Honours Bachelor’s programme in the Netherlands that combines Technology with Liberal education. It takes a unique approach to engineering education aspired to educate a different kind of engineers and global citizens who are capable of addressing global challenges and designing solutions in a wide range of social, cultural and political contexts.

University College Twente fosters excellence in undergraduate education by providing Honours-level educational challenges to the brightest and most highly motivated students by offering the Bachelor's programme in Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences (ATLAS).

The need for a new kind of engineer

As global challenges increase and new technologies emerge, the engineers of the future will have to rely on multidisciplinarysolutions. The challenges of the future call for a New Engineer — driven by technology, but also socially engaged, and trained not only to understand technology, but its implications for society as well. University College Twente aspires to train this generation of New Engineers.

Project-based education

The hands-on projects form the core of the ATLAS programme and drive learning. For half of the curriculum, you will work in teams on large, semester-long projects assigned by real-world external clients. The projects focus on issues incorporating both technological and social aspects, and cover topics such as designing an integrated renewable energy system for a local community or improving a feedback system for a rowing team in order to improve its performance.

Personal development

At University College Twente we recognize that knowledge is not static, but dynamic. We therefore aim to educate life-long learners and we make sure our students learn valuable academic skills such as research, design, communication and leadership while working on projects and in their regular coursework.

Personal Pursuit

At University College Twente we believe that the world of tomorrow calls for passionate specialists who not only excel at what they do, but who are also imaginative, inquisitive and open to new ideas and challenges. In addition to studying Physics, Mathematics and Social Science, we therefore also encourage our students to engage their academic passions in their Personal Pursuits.

Other courses at University College Twente

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