About Dutch Postgraduate Higher Education

There are two main kinds of universities in the Netherlands: Research Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences (hogescholen in Dutch). Research universities offer more academically rigorous education that focuses on specific subjects. Their postgraduate education is usually more theoretically grounded, both taught and research-based programmes.

Universities of Applied Sciences offer profession-orientated programmes that are designed for students who are looking to enter a particular career upon graduation. In the past, Universities of Applied Sciences did not really offer postgraduate education but this has changed recently. Their degree programmes are best classified as applied research with reference to current, real world challenges.

There are around 1,500 postgraduate degrees taught in English in the Netherlands and around 95% of these are delivered at the 14 Dutch research universities. There is an extensive range of subjects including the sciences, business, history, politics, languages, law and many more. Masters degrees at Dutch research universities vary in length between 12 and 24 months. Most science Masters tend to take two years whereas other subjects may vary. Research Masters are almost always 24 months in duration.

The remainder of Master’s programmes can be found at University of Applied Sciences. Around half of the 41 UAS offer a specialised programme at Master’s level in English.  These programmes are usually 12 months in duration.

Both types of universities can offer double degrees awarded by a Dutch and an international university. These programmes are mostly 24 months long.

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