Studielink - How to apply for postgraduate course at a Dutch university

Studielink is the central application organisation for Dutch universities.

To apply for postgraduate study at a Dutch university, you may be asked to submit an application directly to the university, while other institutions will ask you to apply through the Studielink system. At some point, however, you will more than likely have to use Studielink before you attend the university.

In all cases we would always strongly recommend that you let the university know that you will be sending in an application. They may be able to help you because, although Studielink is a central application process, each university can have slight differences in the information they want to collect from you.

You can find plenty of information about questions you may have on the Studielink website. Please be aware that Studielink is a relatively new platform and there can occasionally be teething problems, even now. If you get completely stuck there is email and telephone support available to you. We have some experience of Studielink and we may be able to help you as a last resort.

Studielink is not the same as UKPASS (the UK’s platform for applications to some UK postgraduate degrees). You can apply for up to four courses at a time, although this may not be applicable if you are applying directly to universities you are interested in and only registering your final choice. You can change the courses you wish to apply for at any time before the enrolment deadline. This gives you the flexibility to ensure you actually end up studying where and what you want.

You do not receive conditional offers through Studielink because this is not how the Dutch admissions procedures work but you will need to prove that you have the qualifications you say you have. Therefore, any offer you receive from a Dutch university will usually be dependent only on you passing the exams you plan to take. If you already have your Bachelor degree in the relevant field and have satisfied other specific entry requirements then getting offers from Dutch universities is usually straightforward.

You must go through a number of steps during the enrolment process:

  1. You start by applying for an account
  2. Once you have received your login details, you can proceed with entering your personal details.
  3. Once you have entered your personal details into Studielink, you can directly proceed with entering an enrolment application (select - new enrolment application).
  4. You need to get a verification code in order to proceed with your application. For applicants with a registered address in the Netherlands this step is automated. For students ordinarily resident outside the Netherlands cannot be verified in this way (you will not have what is called a "DigiD" until you are a registered Dutch resident which you will only usually become after you arrive at university). For this reason the institution of higher education where you are going to study generally will have to identify you and this is an important reason why you should let them know directly that you will be applying. In any case, you should keep a close eye on any email messages from Studielink, as they may contain further instructions.
  5. When you fill out the enrolment application, you will be asked to enter information about your previous education. This information will be checked. Depending on your previous education, this can be done via the General Register of Student Numbers (exam data) or the institution for higher education where you are going to study will ask you to send in copies of your diploma and transcripts. Studielink does not check that you have the grades you submit; you will have to prove this separately.
  6. If you have completed all the steps of Studielink, you have finished submitting your application in Studielink. There may, however, be additional steps in the enrolment process, so please keep an eye on the Studielink status at all times, and check the informational brochure or the website of the institution for higher education to see if further steps must be taken.
  7. You will be asked to enter payment details for how you intend to pay your tuition fees. These fees must be paid before you can enrol but Studielink itself doesn’t charge you. It passes your information on to the relevant institution of higher education. Entering payment details into Studielink does NOT set up any standing order / direct debit. You will have to arrange payment yourself. This also applies for your student grants and loans.

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