Postgraduate tuition fees in the Netherlands

Standard tuition fees in 2021/2022 for Master's degrees at Research Universities in the Netherlands are €2,168 per year for most courses. Bear in mind, however, that many Dutch Masters Degrees, particularly in subjects like the sciences or for MSc qualifications, can take two years to complete rather than the one year that is standard in the UK. These fees are set by the government and usually increase in line with inflation.

These are the tuition fees for EU nationals. For non-EU nationals, including British students since 1st January 2021, tuition fees at research universities vary for each degree but will always be higher because they are not subsidised.

Many Masters degrees at Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences and at private institutions are more expensive, usually around €8,500- €10,500 a year. These higher fees are the same for students of all nationalities because they are not subsidised.

Tuition fee loans are available for postgraduate study at Research Universities if you have an EU passport(see information on 'Collegegeldkrediet' on our loans and grants page). British nationals no longer have any right to financial support.

Most Dutch universities offer EU students two ways of paying fees. You can either pay the full fees up front or in 10 monthly instalments of around EUR 200 each. This means that you don't have to worry about having the full fees available at the beginning of your course and you will be eligible for a loan to pay your fees if required. Tuition fee loans are paid directly to the students who must then be responsible for paying the university.

Students from non-EU countries will have to pay their fees in advance as part of the condition of obtaining a student visa.


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