Deadlines for postgraduate courses

Closing dates for entry onto Dutch Master's programmes vary and in some cases are in line with the British application process for postgraduate study.

Often you can start applying up to a year in advance even if you have not completed your Bachelor's degree, i.e., applications accepted from October 2018 for September 2019 entry.

Deadlines can vary for different courses even at the same institution. Generally, if you are an EU passport holder then closing dates for applications will mostly be around the 1st May, although it is possible to see dates as early as 1st April and as late as June/July, so it is best to check directly with the faculty/university to which you are interested in applying. The deadline for Research Masters is likely to be earlier than for taught programmes as a greater emphasis is placed on interviewing students (although this may still form part of the application process to some taught programmes, too).

Typically you can expect a decision within eight weeks of submitting your completed application.

In the past it has been possible to get students on to courses even after these deadlines. However, we do not recommend this as it can be difficult and there will inevitably be complications relating to accommodation and settling in.

At Master's level, you can expect to see multiple start dates for your course, usually September is the standard start date and February as the other start point in the year. This is not available for all courses. Please contact the individual university to receive more information about deadlines for spring semester entry.

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