Clinical Linguistics (Research) (Erasmus Mundus Master)

SubjectLinguistics, Medical Science


Type of DegreeMA in Linguistics


Cost non-EUEUR 15,900

More Information-

How is language stored in the brain? What effects can brain damage have on our ability to use language? And why do some children have difficulty learning language? Find it out in this programme.

In the two-year international Research Master's programme in Clinical Linguistics, you will study Linguistics and Neuroscience. You will explore subjects such as neuro-imaging, language processing and developmental language disorders.

The programme is meant for talented students who aspire to do research in the field of Clinical Linguistics. After finishing the degree, you will have acquired essential research skills and fundamental knowledge of Clinical, Neuro- and Psycholinguistics.

The two-year training is part of the prestigious international Erasmus Mundus programme. It is offered by the Universities of Groningen, Potsdam (Germany) and Eastern Finland (Joensuu). In the first year, you will start with introductory courses in Potsdam, after which you will continue your training in Groningen or Joensuu.

After finishing this programme you will receive a joint degree.

Find out more about the programme here.

Career Prospects

After graduation, you are well prepared for a career in research. In fact, this programme is an ideal stepping-stone to a PhD-position in the field of Clinical Linguistics.

Speech and language therapists who take this programme, will be better equipped to assess and treat people with a language impairment.

Importantly, the programme is not meant to train students to become speech and language therapists.

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