International Economics

SubjectEconomics, Business


Type of DegreeMSc

EU FeesEUR 2,314

Cost non-EUEUR 15,600

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The Master's specialisation in International Economics is a specialisation that targets students interested in the applied study of the international economic and business policy environment. This Master’s specialisation presents a variety of economics topics with one key common ingredient: attention to and analysis of the increased interdependence of national economies through greater integration of goods, labour and capital markets.

The various courses in the programme analyse international trade, (financial) capital flows, the challenges facing multinational enterprises and their managers, empirical dynamic developments, the international world order (international organisations and dissenting views from protestors on the streets), exchange rates and financial crises, economic development or lack thereof and a related range of international economic and business phenomena. The objectives of the Master’s specialisation in International Economics and Business Studies is to provide students with analytical and practical training to work in the field of global economics, whether as managers, consultants, policy advisors, bankers, researchers or at governmental or international agencies.

About the Programme

Globalisation, i.e. the increasing interconnectedness of countries’ goods and factor markets has increased substantially during the past three decades. With growing emerging economies newly entering the world markets, it seems that this trend will continue also in the upcoming decades.

The Master specialisation in International Economics focusses on how the decline in national barriers protecting goods and factor markets impacts domestic governments, firms and their managers and employees. The lectures in the specialisation will consist of a mix between theoretical and empirical work and guide students to the frontier of research in International Economics. If possible, lectures are complemented with guest lectures from the business field, so that students can relate their insights from the classroom to the outside world. The department’s study association AEclipse organises two research trips a year, and they are organised in cooperation with the seminars offered in the specialisation.

Next to this, the study association also organises social events, which bring students together with the faculty.

Each year, around 75 students from different nationalities enroll in the specialisation. This ensures that not only the topics discussed in the lectures are international, but also the atmosphere in the classroom.

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