Linguistics and Communications Research

SubjectCommunication, Languages


Type of DegreeMA

EU FeesEUR 2,314

Cost non-EUEUR 14,900

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The Research Master's in Language and Communication is a two-year course of study offered jointly by Tilburg University and Radboud University Nijmegen. Both universities combine leading-edge research with excellent education. This programme, with its strong emphasis on empirical study, is unique in the Netherlands.

The empirical study of the human capacity for communication

This programme covers the numerous ways in which written and spoken language is used - for example, to persuade, to inform, and to exchange ideas. Because communication and the use of language are so tightly interwoven, we take an integrated approach. For example, when other, non-verbal cues are taken into account, understanding spoken language is made easier. Such cues may include facial expressions and eye contact. The interrelationships between language and communication have been further illuminated by developments in information and communication technology. These have opened up exciting new areas of research, providing insight, for example, into ways in which information from both linguistic and non-linguistic sources can be integrated in multimodal messages.

What makes this course unique?

What is the main difference between this two-year full-time programme and Master's courses at other universities in the Netherlands? Firstly, the fact that we use empirical research techniques to focus on language as it is actually used. And, secondly, there is the way we explore language and communication as an integrated whole. Communication in face-to-face and multi-modal interactions at work is a central theme. Other topics include understanding ways in which the use of language shapes institutional, cross-cultural, and international interaction.

The current partnership between Tilburg University, School of Humanities and Radboud University Nijmegen, Faculty of Arts intensifies fifteen years of collaboration in the Centre for Language Studies (CLS). CLS is closely linked to the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics (MPI) and the Baby Research Centre. This Research Master's programme, which relies heavily on research carried out in Tilburg and Nijmegen, is open to all graduates - from universities inside or outside the Netherlands - with a relevant BA or one-year MA.

Career Prospects

The main focus of this Research Master’s programme is on academic training, which makes it ideal for those wishing to embark on a career in research. Besides research positions at universities, there are research and management positions in businesses, (non-) profit organizations, the educational sector and the government (e.g., the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science), which require extensive research skills but not a PhD degree.

In addition this Research Master’s course caters for the growing demand from the public and private sectors for university graduates with academic insights and research skills. Many graduates will join research groups in the public or private sectors. These may address a wide range of topics such as advanced internet, enhancing professional communication, politics and administration, journalism and education in an international context.

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