SubjectDesign, Media


Type of DegreeBA

EU FeesEUR 2,314

Cost non-EUEUR 8,595

The term ‘animation’ is derived from the Latin word ‘anima’, which means ‘soul’. Thus, ‘animation’ literally means ‘to incite, to bring to life’. Freely translated, animation is the bringing across of meaning or emotion through the movement of an inanimate object. A rather more technical definition is ‘the suggestion of movement through consecutive images in changing situations’.

We view animation initially as a means of communication. Animators have stories to tell. Animation is thus a means and not an end in itself. This is the reason that the faculty devotes much attention to applicability and concept development on top of acquiring craftsmanship and skills.

Animations are found in films, adult and children television series, games, interactive applications and apps, commercials, simulations and information films. Even the appearance is hugely diverse, ranging from traditional 2D animation in classic cartoons and 3D computer technology to stop motion and digital cut outs. We focus on the strongly growing market with its wide diversity of applications on all sorts of platforms, from interactive applications to commercials, whose demand for the translation of large amounts of data into easy to ‘read’ images is radically increasing.

The first two years of the study programme mostly consists of basic skills development. You will learn several different techniques, principles and theory, initially from simple resources, but as you progress the projects will become more complex and your instruments will become more advanced. You yourself will determine the professional area in which you will develop. The second half emphasises collaboration, practical assignments, compiling a portfolio and an internship. You can also do an exchange in a city such as London, Berlin, Boston or Tokyo and build the foundation for your future as a professional animator.

Creating Pioneers

Our successful Animation alumni include: Aimée de Jongh (daily cartoon ‘Snippers’ in the Metro newsdaily); Jeffrey Schreuders (listed in the HOT100); Paco Vink & Albert ’t Hooft (Anikey Studios of the animated film ‘Trippel Trappel’); Michiel Wesselius & Sander Alt (Urrebuk); Joost van den Bosch & Erik Verkerk (Ka-Ching Cartoons); Hisko Hulsing; Jurrien Boogert (Arjuno Kecil); and Patrick Chin.

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