Graphic Design

SubjectDesign, Arts


Type of DegreeBA

EU FeesEUR 2,314

Cost non-EUEUR 8,595

Graphic designers want to communicate. They want to give shape to information in words and images, and tell a story to a specific audience through various media. They design identity and interact with users. Graphic designers connect their fascination and observations to those of their clients, other designers and the public. They want to have a presence everywhere where communication is needed.

The profession of graphic design has a long tradition. The basis of the discipline is the design of print such as books, house styles and posters. In recent decades, graphic design has broadened to include different forms of media such as websites, apps, film and video, interactive installations, exhibitions and interventions in public space. These developments mean that graphic design is rarely clear-cut. It is in the process of transformation and creates much space for innovation.

At the start of your study, you will learn about the wide range of possibilities. This phase emphasises knowledge and skills of the ‘tools’ of graphic design such as idea development and design-driven research, language and typography, creating images and ‘hands-on’ exploration of the potential of the different media and technologies. Developing your own aesthetic sense in application is essential. What is your message? What meaning or effect does it have? Which media is the best and who is it for?

The emphasis of the second part of your major is on specialisation. You will concentrate on editorial design, information design, identity design and strategic design.

What we expect from you is an individual, always questioning, open and enterprising attitude towards the subject, towards society, the media, the WdKA and, not least, towards yourself. Continuous self-reflection during your studies is a condition to arrive at a clear perspective about how you will position yourself as a graphic designer in the world.

The Graphic Design faculty also has an English language stream. It is a completely English language programme in which students in years 1 to 3, who intend to operate internationally, can make a head start.

Creating Pioneers

Our successful Graphic Design alumni include: Rens Muis & Pieter Vos (75B); Daniel van der Velden & Vinca Kruk (Metahaven); Maarten Jurriaanse & Barry de Bruin (Ping-Pong Design); Nicole Martens; Rick Vermeulen (Hard Werken); Lonne Wennekendonk (Studio Lonne Wennekendonk); Merijn van Essen & Sander van Loon (OONA); Ties Alfrink, Hugo de Pagter & Martijn Rietveld (Pony Design Club); and Janneke Absil (winner of the Drempel Award).

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