Industrial Design Engineering


Type of DegreeBSc

EU FeesEUR 2,314

Cost non-EUEUR 8,375

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These days companies no longer think in terms of products and services but in terms of experiences. Take Heineken and Grolsch, for example. They don’t try to convince you that one or other beer tastes the best but that the world represented by their beer is the one that suits you best. And so, instead of developing a new beer flavour, they design a can that stays cool. This and other developments require a different approach to design and, thus, people who think beyond the product itself. This is exactly what you learn in the new and unique Industrial Design Engineering degree programme. Once you have completed it, you can call yourself an open innovator.

What does an open innovator do?

An open innovator is the designer of the future. You devise creative solutions for complex issues in trade and industry and non-profit organizations. These solutions may be products, but could just as easily be services, technical applications, websites or complete business models. Have you heard of Nike+ running shoes? They have a sensor in the insole, so that you can maintain contact with your personal trainer via your iPod. As an open innovator, you could devise a clever design like this, meeting the users’ needs!

New course, new chances

Trade and industry is clamouring for open innovators with a technical education and the ability to think outside the box. Both in the Netherlands and abroad. Moreover, virtually all borders have been eliminated thanks to globalization and all our modern technologies. This is why your training in Industrial Design Engineering is conducted entirely in English. The subjects that you follow focus on research, design and entrepreneurship. Each year you work on four projects commissioned by external clients. In this way, while still studying you’ll be applying your creative ideas in practice.

Project-based field assignments

An open innovator can only thrive in an environment that is alive with professional practice. No one dreams up innovative ideas sitting alone at home; ideas are sparked when you look closely at the world around you.

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