International Business


Type of DegreeBachelor

EU FeesEUR 2,314

Cost non-EUEUR 8,296

Avans University

The world is your playground

Our innovative International Business programme prepares you for a career in global business. You will become an expert in doing business with excellent cross-cultural and multilingual capabilities.

You will gain a solid knowledge base, proficiency in modern languages, a highly developed intercultural sensitivity and a global mindset. Your cultural awareness helps you to make an impact with respect.


As an enterprising individual, you like to set your own learning goals. You are an open-minded, independent and adventurous global citizen eager to discover other ways of working, living and doing business. Your work makes an impact while respecting other people and the planet. Discerning and creative, you are a strong communicator and language enthusiast. You embrace challenges and enjoy working as a team.

Flexible education and personal guidance

You will have the unique opportunity to create your own learning path during this programme.

Your personal and professional development is at the core of our teaching. We use a variety of teaching and learning methods. Lecturers act as coaches: partners who can help you solve problems, find answers, be creative and think outside the box.

This programme has a strong focus on international marketing and sales and acquiring multilingual communication and cross-cultural skills.

Curriculum overview

Based on your knowledge, experience and preferences you will develop your personal learning path while working on real-life projects, which you will carry out with fellow students and professionals in the industry. Each academic year is divided into two semesters. You will choose and decide which projects, placements and training to take in order to obtain the desired results.

The first year is a general introduction to international business: international sales and marketing, finance, organisation and people and supply chain and operations. You will work on your professional skills and cross-cultural capabilities including English and other modern languages. Guest speakers, excursions and meetings with international business professionals are also an essential part of the programme.

In the second year, you have the opportunity to decide your focus area. You will take study trips abroad, meet entrepreneurs and do research. You will complete a work placement for one semester in either the second year or the third year. In the third and fourth year, you can either specialise or broaden your technical knowledge with a minor. For your graduation project, you can complete an assignment at an international company or an international research assignment for the Avans Centre of Expertise in Sustainable Business.

Practical experience

You will complete your first work placement in the second or third year. This placement always takes place in a country that is not your country of origin. The placement is an introduction to the real work environment of international business. You will participate actively in various business activities and do research on potential opportunities, improvements or innovations across different business areas. You will have a company mentor and a coach, who provide supervision and support.

Through our business networking events, you will meet businesses that offer placement opportunities. Besides formal work placements, you will have the opportunity to undertake short-term work experience at local companies in the first year.

We encourage you to gain working experience alongside your studies. You can spend one day per week in a work placement during term-time. You can also spend a week implementing a project at a company or participate in the Avans Multidisciplinary Experience.

Entry requirements

To apply to this programme, you will need 3 A Levels. Applicants with BTECs in relevant subjects will also be considered.

More information on the International Business programme can be found on the university's website.

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