International Business

SubjectBusiness , Languages


Type of DegreeBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

EU FeesEUR 2,314


Cost non-EUEUR 8,350

The International Business course will prepare students for the global corporate world and conducting trade in various countries. Companies all over the world are searching for employees with a strong business sense and interpersonal skills. The International Business course will provide students with business and management knowledge as well as intercultural skills, thus preparing them to be able to work internationally.

Students of this programme can be expected to become a part of a young, dynamic international student community. This education represents a broad, general field of study. Graduates are not only expected to have a thorough knowledge of certain content areas, but they must be able to work in a team, across cultures and demonstrate leadership capabilities. Students in this programme can expect to acquire competencies and that will equip them with skills required in today’s complicated and challenging international business.

The programme: what can you expect?

During the first year, students will gain basic business knowledge, topics covered will include marketing, sales and logistics. Students will also begin learning another language. Throughout the four-year course, students will gain theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience by conducting assignments for real-life companies. The second year will allow students to broaden their knowledge furthermore, students will learn how to make tactical decisions while also considering social and ethical factors.

The third and final year will prepare students for working in an international setting. Students will be able to choose from a broad range of specialisations which will allow them to gain specific knowledge of a certain area. Moreover, students will be able to study abroad at one of our partner universities or study at one of NHL Stenden’s other campuses, we call this the Grand Tour. This further enables students to become accustomed to different cultures and be able to work in an international setting. During the final year, students will write their final graduation project based on their internship within a company of their choice. Throughout the four-year course students are given the opportunity to participate in a range of projects with other universities. 

“International Business is vital to the global economy. Global business growth is occurring in emerging markets, where consumer income and buying power are increasing because of economic expansion.”

International Business by Dlabay et al.

What can I become?

In today’s global economy, businesses are inter-connected to many cultures. Different cultures bring along complexity of its habits and traditions that need to be indulged in a company’s culture in order to succeed. Graduates of this programme can expect to learn and master these skills in order to succeed in an international business environment. The Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business provides students with a platform to launch their International career. Graduates could take on positions such as:

  • Export Manager of a large or mid-scale organization that exports its products worldwide.
  • Account Manager of a company that requires young dynamic people to manage sales and establish business development activities.
  • Marketing Manager to oversee indirect, direct and other platform marketing activities to establish stronger branding of a company.
  • Corporate Communications Managerresponsible for making sure that all employees share the same goal and follow the same procedures.

Programme start dates

You can start this degree programme in either September or February.

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